SolidData online panel is actively-managed and built from scratch. Panel is research-only, wholly owned and built in a consistent manner to ensure that the panel is responsive, balanced and reliable – the foundations for quality research. We utilise multiple source respondent recruitment. Our panel is recruited by email and online marketing with diverse online affiliate partners who are users of online survey tools ManoApklausa.lt; VisiDati.lv and Connect.ee. Panel management is compliant with all relevant market research industry standards, data protection and privacy laws.

Our panels are proprietary panels. We are not a panel aggregator. SolidData proprietary online access panels are managed exclusively for SolidData researchers, providing greater control over the type and frequency of surveys delivered to individual panellists.
During the recruitment process the new panelists are informed and they agree to participate in the market research surveys, and their participation is on a voluntary basis.
Reliable insights need responsive, honest and representative survey respondents. SolidData implements a range of techniques to identify and eliminate undesirable respondents.
Regular panel screening to remove unresponsive, suspicious, or otherwise low-quality panelists (speeding through surveys, straight-lining responses or providing false responses to trap questions).
Online panel is representative to the Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian populations.
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Online research panel in the Baltic States