To ensure high quality standards, we have several data checking procedures in place.

  • Representivity of online panel

    Our panel has a presence of respondents with a wide socio-demographic characteristics and has availability of hard-to-reach respondents (high income, rural areas, social classes, etc.)

  • Screening of respondents

    Respondents are who they say they are. Screening of e-mail addresses. Honest and engaged respondents: participating in the study, respondents give honest answers and avoid giving misleading answers. (eliminating straightliners and professional respondents)

  • Precise quotas

    During the fieldwork we look after all quotas are reaching the target and boost the sample in slower quotas.

  • Data processing and checking

    We make an effort to be sure that the data sets meet the questionnaire instructions and specified data labelling.

Panel management is compliant with all relevant market research industry standards (ESOMAR and MRS), data protection and privacy laws.