During the past 3 years SolidData has implemented more than 300 research projects providing services for technical implementation and sample recruitment. SolidData client list includes companies that have their own offices in the Baltic states as well as international research professionals that want to conduct regular tracker studies about the Latvian, Lithuanian and Latvian markets.
Delivering to clients with the specific needs for technical programming and the demand for high quality standards, SolidData has gained an excellent experience in implementing various research projects.
To ensure high quality standards, SolidData performs ongoing quality controls:
- Online panel representivity, ensuring the presence of wide range and hard-to-reach socio-demographic groups (e.g. high income groups, rural areas etc.)
- High quality respondents. Internal procedures and metrics developed to monitor the answers of each respondent. High quality respondent qualifies as real, honest and engaged providing well thought-through answers and avoid giving superficial answers.
- Precise quotas. Delivering the sample size, SolidData ensures the split of the socio-demographic parameters as specified for the given target group.
- Final data cleaning and checking. After collecting the sample size, SolidData performs checking of the data file to ensure the data is in accordance with a given questionnaire instruction.

Fast results
For short questionnaires, clients can quickly and easy create their own questionnaires (using the online survey tool provided by SolidData) and the required sample size will be delivered within short deadlines. For longer and more specified research studies, SolidData in-house programmers will create the questionnaires based on the specifications and will shortly send the questionnaire link for the client to test it. Samples are delivered within the deadlines previously agreed with the client.

Cost efficiency
Offering solutions best suiting the client needs and research budgets, full-service research projects or stand-alone services can be provided. Most frequently implemented projects in cooperation with SolidData are for programming online surveys and sample recruitment according to the target audience set for the research study. Many partners of SolidData recognize cost efficiency as one of the advantages.
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