About SolidData
SolidData was founded in 2008. The first product developed by the company was online survey tool in Latvia www.VisiDati.lv, Lithuania (ManoApklausa.lt) and Estonia (Connect.ee), which are now highly acknowledged and widely used webpages by companies, governmental entities and private users in the Baltic states.
All three web-pages generate ~185000 unique visitors per month from all three Baltic states creating a platform for recruiting potential respondents to reach the target audiences of research projects in the Baltic States. Developing the operations further, in the beginning of 2009, company created the database of respondents and started offering Online Panel services to marketing and research professionals.
SolidData is a trusted partner delivering reliable research results. Company operates in accordance with the panel quality policies developed by the leading industry associations (ESOMAR and MRS).

SolidData has developed technologies and expertise that make it easier, faster and more cost efficient for researchers to conduct research in the Baltic States. SolidData cuts out the busy work of collecting data and delivers the results to the many partners that need to make fast decisions. The company offers not only technology enabled survey tool and Online Panel, but also local market knowledge that helps for market researchers to engage with targeted consumers in the Baltic States.

Why Internet?
As the market research is closely related to the marketing industry, research methodologies are constantly changing influenced by the new trends in consumer behaviour, marketing and advertising. Internet is now one of the most important communication channels. The high penetration and usage of Internet created remarkable advantages for researches to gain fast results and maintain low costs of the research projects.

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Iveta Balode
Tel. +371 29650203
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